J W Speaker Model 8790 PAR56 LED Adaptive 2 Motorcycle Headlight Chrome ECE R113 & DOT approved 7" round seven inch 0555031 (4048790AC) EAN: 0708315995317 In Stock, Available for Same Day Dispatch

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Adaptive 2 Headlight In Chrome 7"

The headlight has been improved to feature Adaptive technology when using the high beam, in addition to the low beam. Providing ditch-to-ditch lighting, to eliminate dark corners on sharp turns, and a punch of light 1,500 feet down the road, to give you a safer and more confident ride to master the corners.


  • Improved to feature adaptive technology with the high beam, in addition to the low beam
  • On-board intelligence senses leaning angles when cornering to control light
  • Dynamically fills in dark areas while turning
  • Breakthrough improvement in visibility and safety
  • Plug & play solution for 7″ round (also known as PAR56) motorcycle headlight buckets
  • DOT & ECE dual-compliant headlight

The Model 8790 Adaptive 2 motorcycle LED headlight calculates bank angles on a real-time basis using proprietary technology and on-board sensors, automatically directing the light array up or down as the motorcycle leans. This additional illumination fills in the gaps that traditional headlights can’t.

This new adaptive headlight combines innovative low beam optics and ComfortLite high beam optics to provide best-in-class foreground illumination. and light above the horizon (respectively) which dramatically improves rider comfort and safety. 

The heavy-duty, die-cast aluminum housing and state-of-the-art LEDs not only deliver premium performance, but also give a bike a truly unique look.

Plug and play PAR 56 / 7" / Seven Inch / 178mm drop in replacement.

It has a fully legal symmetrical beam pattern which is approved for DOT and ECE so pretty much legal everywhere in the world for use on Motorcycle. The lens is marked with DOT and ECE approvals to keep any inspectors / testers happy!

Input Voltage 12V DC Operating Voltage 9-16V DC Transient Spike Protection 150V Peak @ 1 HZ-100 Pulses Black Wire Ground White Wire High Beam Yellow Wire Low Beam Red Wire Front Position Current Draw 2.9A @ 13.5V DC (High Beam) 1.9A @ 13.5V DC (Low Beam) 0.092A @ 13.5V DC (Front Position) 3.5A @ 13.5V DC (Low Beam at Full Lean) 4.5A @ 13.5V DC (High Beam at Full Lean)

Photometric Specification

Raw Lumen 

Output 2,250 (High Beam)

 2,025 (Low Beam) 

Effective Lumen Output 

1,150 (High Beam)

850 (Low Beam)

Candela Output 

48,000 (High Beam)

 1,150 (Low Beam) 

Nominal LED Color Temperature 5000 K 

Beam Pattern(s) 

Forward Lighting - High Beam (DOT/ECE) Forward Lighting - Low Beam (DOT/ECE) Signalization - Front Position

Should you require this in a black finish then please click here

A review can be found on the adaptive 1 by clinking the link here where the adaptive function only worked on low beam on adaptive 1, now on this model adaptive 2 it works on both high and low beam settings.

J W Speaker part number 0555031

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