J W Speaker Model 8791 Adaptive 2 PAR56 LED Motorcycle Headlight Black ECE R113 & DOT approved 7" size pedestal mount 0555071 (4048791ABP) EAN: 0708315999124 In Stock, Available for Same Working Day Dispatch

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LED Motorcycle headlight with intelligent lean angle compensation on low beam from J.W. Speaker with pedestal mount

Yet another world first from JWS in the USA, this time creating a fully solid state self contained "leaning light". The concept is not new for motorcycle but previous attempts have only been at a manufacturer level due to the need of external sensors, mirrors and motors. So if your bike did not come with it you were not adding it later!

Now whilst leaning the lamp will automatically activate additional LEDs and optics on either side to keep the beam pattern on the road where it is needed for leans up to thirty degrees. Over thirty degrees the light is still there just does not increase any more.

See a review here

Plug and play PAR 56 / 7" / Seven Inch / 178mm drop in replacement.

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