Land Rover Defender Heated front seat basic wiring kit Td5 YUG102430 YUG102440 with switches (11DTD5HSK6) EAN: 5060451590722 In Stock, Available for Same Day Dispatch

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Basic kit consiting of 1 x YUG 102430 and 1 x YUG 102440 switch designed for the Defender Td5 made from 2002 > 2007 pre wired with 3m of cable for the power in and supply out to the seats and 0.5M of cable for the switch illumination function.

Fitted with OEM seat connectors

The Td5 switches are more expensive than the later Td4 Puma style but the orienation of the legend is also different so the Puma switches will have the legends on their side when installed.

If you want to buy the cheaper later style kit with switches then go here

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