Land Rover Defender Heated front windscreen wiring kit with OEM switch YUG000460LNF to suit 2002 - 2016 Td4 Tdci Td5 two tab (11DHFS2YUG) EAN: 5060451590425 In Stock, Available for Same Day Dispatch

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Designed for vehicles made between 2002 and 2016 fitted with the OEM style heated screens with two tabs or wires - one in each corner, if you have a 3 tab screen click here to add our conversion loom

If you have an Defender manufactured between 1983 and 2002 then click here

Full kit including the OEM Land Rover switch, all pre wired and only requiring a few basic connections

  • Power from the battery
  • Illumination input from a neighbouring switch.
  • Ignition live from suitable source such as radio

Rated at 42A MAX fused at 30A, main power relay is 70A to ensure long and reliable operation and allows for future additions such as heated mirrors. If you want a kit complete with heated mirror wiring then click here

On time is approx 10 minutes, Amber LED on switch illuminates whilst screen is working just as the factory fitted option.

Power cable is 0.5m from relay set to Battery terminated with M8 rings.

Heated screen supply cable is 3.0m long from relay to screen terminated in an insulated female spade.

Screen earth cable approx 500mm long supplied terminated with a female spade and M8 ring terminal.

4.5mm2 power and earth cable used for screen to make this kit extra heavy duty.


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