Magcode Power Port PRO socket 12 Volt Heavy Duty 25 Amps (68MAGS1003) EAN: 5060451591194 In Stock, Available for Same Working Day Dispatch

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MagCode Power System

Magnets, in the PowerPort (installed outlet) as well as in the PowerClip (appliance-side-connector), contact the two parts of the connector and have furthermore a switching function. The flat contacts carry power only when the movable plate in the Port that carries the magnet is attracted by the magnets in the Clip. Other metal objects or permanent magnets cannot energize the contacts.

Thus the MagCode Power System is100% short-circuit-proof and waterproof

MagCodePowerSystemPro 12/24 V
The second generation – with mechanical twist lock!
– Higher separation forces
– Higher current load
– No arci

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